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I hope your day has been great so far! Every Chinese New Year, I look forward to my grandma’s cooking and catching up with loved ones. For me, celebrating Chinese New Year just gets better as I get older. I find myself appreciating and relishing the moments I spend with my family and relatives much more than before. They are a fun bunch to be with. And every single time we gather, I get to learn more about the family history and it’s always interesting to listen to the stories of how life was like before. Do you feel the same way?

Anyway, life’s too short to not enjoy good food. So, go crazy on the pineapple tarts and have an awesome long weekend! Here’s to a beautiful year ahead! :)


centreI hope your week has been good so far! Mine was, as predicted, pretty boring by most people’s standards. But I got to catch up with a friend whom I haven’t seen for awhile, so that was nice. My week at work was great too. My new work place is growing on me, and I’m enjoying my time with the children and my colleagues. Feeling real thankful. Anyway, here you are as promised. A little sneak peek of my work place!

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At times, I find myself second-guessing the things I do or giving the excuse of “perhaps this is not the right timing” just so to make myself feel better. But I once came across something meaningful that Jim Stovall said,

“Don’t wait for all the lights to be green before you leave the house.”

It’s true. When we wait for the “perfect timing”, we’ll wait for a long time. Perfect timing that is based solely on human instinct, judgment and knowledge. And sometimes the more we wait, the more restless we’ll get.

Even though I am well aware that God is in full-control of all situations in my life, there were indeed many times when I desire to control these circumstances. But I guess when we are willing to take a step back and look at our circumstances in a positive light, only then will we be able to experience a breakthrough. Our circumstances can make us bitter or better. So, which would you choose?

blueberry muffinsHow was your weekend? Sometimes I wish my teaching hours are more flexible, so that I have time to pursue other interests. Even though I have weekends off, all I want to do is to catch up on sleep and spend time with family and loved ones. Do you feel the same way too?

Anyway, I bought 2 boxes of blueberries last week only because it was “2 for the price of 1”. They looked so fresh that it was hard to resist. So voilà! Fresh out of the oven!

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